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Skcript is a full-service consulting agency. We empower hundreds of companies around the world to start, create, and grow their products with technology. Founded in 2013, in Chennai, India, Skcript is 100% founder-owned and profitable.

Founder story

About 7 years ago, Karthik Kamalakannan, Swaathi Kakarla, and Varun Raj Manoharan started discussing about building a small team of talented people who can code beyond industry standards. Their focus was to showcase the work these people did to big corporate clients, help small business owners, and transform Governments with technology. But they wanted a platform to bring people together, where they can work together on a shared vision to create great technology products. This, is what they called, Skcript.

With a huge amount of passion and hunger to build great products in hand, they started identifying and working with people to build products that would later help millions of people work efficiently. The founders and the people of Skcript wanted to allow small businesses to compete with big giants in their industry with the help of cutting edge technology products while helping large businesses run their product teams extremely agile with speed and motivation.

The founders loved seeing their team’s work create an impact on Skcript’s customers’ lives, which slowly became an addiction to do great work. The addiction came from the amusement clients had for the quality of products Skcript delivered and the looks in their faces looking at a bunch of people who were able to deliver this before time.

Over the past 7 years, Skcript has created products that would help people work better, invested in in-house entrepreneurs to build something they believe will help other people and build a culture that encourages free speech and open communication within the company.

Skcript’s senior leadership team now has some notorious people who keep the company the same way it was on day 0. The “curiosity is contagious” quote still runs through each and everyone’s work at Skcript.


Skcript is about people. The people of Skcript are the #1 priority for any leader in the company. The culture at Skcript survives through just two powerful words:

Trust & responsibility;

Our people have the opportunities to create a huge impact in the lives of many people, by becoming the best version of themselves at Skcript. Building a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable company is the right way to run Skcript with humility & compassion.

If you are our client reading this, thank you for supporting us. Thank you for trusting us to build the right thing. Above all, thank you for allowing us to create an impact through technology;

If you are a new to the Skcript family, welcome. Chances are that you have had interactions with some of the team members already. We can’t wait to see you grow with us;

If you are an existing team member reading this, send a message on #asgard channel. Let’s celebrate the work you’ve done;

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