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A good strategy is about consciously choosing a particular set of activities to deliver a unique set of value to the customers. Learn more.

You are Skcript. Whenever you are emailing a customer, it’s not just you talking, it’s Skcript talking. Remembering how you would like to feel when you’re on the other side is the same feeling that you might want to give to anyone talking to you.

Apple wants the world to ‘Think Different’. Nike motivates people to forget fear and ‘Just Do It’ And when you walk into a space by Walt Disney, you know that it’s ‘Where Dreams Come True’

And we’re sure that your other favorite brands also talk to you. And when they talk to you, they show promise and when you buy or use a product from one of these brands, you know that they’ve delivered on that promise - and that’s why we go back to Apple, Nike and Disney.

Just like these top brands, we at Skcript make sure that our brand voice and tone translates into the products that we make, and various other touch points Skcript might have with our customers.

To us, a brand voice isn’t about the creation of a non-human voice. It’s about being consistent with the voice that we’re creating – positioning ourselves as an easily identified and authoritative source in our area of expertise.

A brand voice and tone shouldn’t give your customers something to talk about - it should give them somebody to talk about.

In the end, Skcript stands for “Unprecedented quality, intense passion for details & a happy workplace”.

Always respect people, do the best work you can ever do and never back down. You’re here because you’re the best at it.

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