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Playbook & Standard Operating Procedure

This is it. This is everything we share with our people internally, and everything we think will help us stay humane to our customers. These SOPs, Priciples & Guidelines is what makes Skcript special for hundreds of customers across the globe 🌎.

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About our Playbook

Everything you need to know about working with Skcript.

The first version of this Playbook was published on 1st January 2014. Years have passed, team size has increased, but this Playbook is the secret document that we have used to stay humble, humane & scale the organization.

When a new person joins Skcript or when a Skcripter needs a reference point, this is the document they refer to first. Today, we are opening this up for everyone to read, copy and replicate in their organization to push for a better future.

This Playbook is our understanding of how the business works, how to handle cutting edge technologies, how we partner up with people, and so much more that goes behind the scenes while running Skcript. We crafted this for a our people, clients and someone who are willing to join us.

The Playbook also allows us to stay centered and remind ourselves about who we are as a company. What we stand for? How we work? What our beliefs are and everything around it. If you are our existing client, thank you for supporting us, please go through the links that might be relevant to you, and reach out to us for more.

If you are a new Skcripter, welcome to Skcript, find what you love, read about it, and above all, commit to the code to improve this document.

We have also open sourced our Redbook, our company culture book.

Culture Toolbox

The one thing that we hold close to our heart is the culture at the Skcript. The culture that we’ve cultivated allows us to work, putting aside distractions and we’ve even managed to squeeze in that much needed time for recreation.

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About Skcript

Everything you need to know about Skcript, the way we work & beyond.

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Technology Workflow

Workflows we follow as a standard operating procedure for our clients, our products & more.

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