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The Best Boilerplate for Static Site Generators

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The Best Boilerplate for Static Site Generators

We've curated a list of sources that will help you build a whole site in a jiffy. Take a look and start building!

There are a lot of static site generators available and most of them are very good for creating a great site very quickly but if you think that setting up these site generators with Gulp or Grunt is a hard job then you should look at some of the boilerplates available to start your next project in an instant.

In these types of boilerplate I look for the following attributes,

  • SASS
  • BrowserSync
  • SVG Sprites
  • Pretty URL’s
  • CSS Minify
  • JS Minify
  • HTML Minify
  • File Name Revving
  • AutoPrefixer
  • Image Optimizer
  • Gh-pages

One of the best starter boilerplate projects is blendid that runs on Gulp and nunjucks so be sure to check that out, you will have an amazing build process and can quickly use many of it’s features out of the box.

And what many people like is Hugo which is another fast static site generator which has hugulp that is very useful.

But I mostly like middleman for developing a static site which will provide amazing control with the build process. With Middleman, I like this boilerplate for easily stating up my project.

So try these boilerplates for your next project for quickly developing a prototype or creating a whole a site!

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