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Skcript enables a large bank in the US automate Visa transaction processing using RPA

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A case-study on how Skcript automated hundreds of hours worth of effort for a bank in the US.

Automating critical banking tasks are one of the most successful robotic process automation implementation we have done till date. One of the largest banks in the US reached out to us to automate Visa transaction processing using tools like UiPath.

A little backstory

The bank, was processing over a million Visa transactions a day, of which some were manually verified for compliance reasons. This was a painful and mundane effort for smart humans to be working on, which called in for a solution that could automate the entire process using machines.

The most important aspect of this automation was that the transition has to be extremely seamless. There can not be any downtime, and it has to be production ready with zero bugs when it goes live.

Challenges to solve

Implementing this was not an easy job. The team had to pull in people and talent from across the organization to make sure we deliver the RPA solution faster with unmatched quality.

Here are some of the challenges we faced during the execution:

  • The process is business critical and every single step MUST be carefully analyzed, and crafted.
  • The solution has to integrate with multiple systems that are outside of the bank’s control.
  • There are over 30 UI based automation which requires precision and exception handling.

What we delivered

Considering the important of the process for the bank, the team was super careful in making sure the delivery was planned precisely, literally to the hour during the final stages of the project.

Here’s what the team delivered for the bank using RPA:

  1. Over 15 Microsoft Excel automation.
  2. Decision document that details why some decisions to automate a process was made in a certain way.
  3. A benchmark document that details different RPA process and how long it took to automate the process.
  4. Comprehensive edge case document that details all the edge-cases that could arise when other teams could take a look at the RPA solution.
  5. Orchestrate UiPath’s bots to work in sync and handle network failures.

Need to know more about how the entire discovery to delivery process went for the largest bank in the US for RPA? Start chatting.

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