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Skcript automates 90% of payroll process with UiPath

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Manpower consulting company makes huge gains by automating payroll processing with RPA.

Key Points:

  • Challenge was to automate payable for 1200+ employees
  • Transition must be smooth and fast without any glitch
  • Automation initiative completed successfully with 85% faster execution than before

Human Resource department is one of the most crucial business units for any organization. Today, a lot of effort goes into processing claims, refunds, payroll and such by the HR business unit.

One of the well-known manpower consulting companies in US reached out to Skcript to analyze and automate the payables process for over 1200 employees spread across the region. Here’s how the RPA Consulting team pulled the project off in a record-breaking time.

Process Analysis

Since this payables automation using RPA involved a lot of complex legacy processes, we used our RPA Analysis Workshop to deeply understand the end-to-end process workshop of the client. This helped us arrive at the vertical and horizontal process maps (a unique mapping technique invented by Skcript).

Some of the important questions we answered during the RPA Process Analysis Workshop was:

  1. How many total processes are there end-to-end
  2. What percentage of processes are interconnected?
  3. Categorizing business processes based on criticality.
  4. What processes involve heavy-human power?
  5. What is the amount of time taken to complete each process manually?
  6. What processes are too pressing that needs to be automated right now?
  7. What licensing model does the client prefer for automation?

This allowed us to arrive at the following processes that we decided to automate for the client. This would earn then an immediate return-on-investment along with an unprecedented value:

  1. Automating Salary processing
  2. Employee transfers and movements document collection
  3. Payslip automation
  4. Automated tax calculations
  5. Automated salary processing
  6. Payroll audit and reporting automation
  7. Updating banking and HRMS system using RPA

Challenges to solve

During the execution, the team faced some of the most complex challenges which pushed us to go beyond the call of duty to make things work in sync. One of the biggest challenge was to handle edge-cases where the network connectivity was dropped when processing bank transactions.

  1. The production roll-out has to happen for all of the 1200+ employees (which includes C-level executives as well)
  2. Since this is the first RPA implementation for the entire company, the team had to put in a ton of effort getting the buy-in from all major departments with data-backed proofs
  3. The machines the client used were outdated. This called in for a bunch of headless machines that allows us to run background tasks and queues without UI
  4. There needed to be extensive documentation to make sure there is consistent support from within the clients’ team
  5. Our process analysts had to consult for over 300 hours to make sure the entire process is planned and executed on-time
  6. Since some of the processes involved accessing multiple websites that were outside our control, handling dynamic elements and pseudo elements became a huge challenge.


The team had one of the most surreal experience when the project went live on the 200th day. Automating business critical processes, and seeing them change the company’s trajectory for real is something the team worked so hard for.

The results of automating payroll was more than expected:

  1. 85% less time to execute the end-to-end payroll process
  2. Faster and data-backed decision tree to adhere with compliance
  3. Clear, real-time audit logs of the activities
  4. Immediate return-on-investment for the company (realized in under 4 months)
  5. The client is increasing the number of bots performing these activities

If you believe that a similar use-case could help your company improve efficiency and increase compliance, please reach out to us. Our team will be more than happy to sit down with you for an analysis process.

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