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Robotic Process Automation: Explained

Executive Summary of everything you need to know about Robotic Process Automation and how it can help your company. Learn more.

In the recent years, RPA has been helping companies build an efficient workforce. Today, we are here to help you understand what Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is and how it can help your business.

What exactly is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a set of repetitive tasks that are performed by robots that are currently carried out by humans. RPA is a software that acts as a virtual co-worker performing tasks automatically so that humans can focus on things that needs more of their intellect.

One of the biggest advantage of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the ability of the robots to use the existing systems and processes to run them faster, better and with near-zero human intervention. One of the best example is automating the data entry and verification tasks that humans perform using RPA bots.

How can Skcript help you with RPA

Introducing RPA processes into your business could be a huge challenge. Working with an experienced company is essential to make sure the transition is smooth.

Skcript’s RPA Advisory Services can support you with the challenges, make the transition easy and deliver quality the Skcript way for your organization.

Our experienced RPA engineers and business professionals bring in a unique mix of expertise and an incredible depth of knowledge in RPA to help you implement a RPA process in your business.

Here are some of the areas where Skcript can help automate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system data entry using Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

  • Robotize the entire data entry and validation process;
  • Bring down the processing time from hours to minutes;
  • Build RPA bots that can lot entries into ERP systems and scale as the company grows;
  • Provide detailed report of what is happening with the bots and alert if something goes wrong;
  • Map information across different platforms and provide a single platform to unify data entry;

Our job is not to make sure we implement RPA in your business, but also to make sure your people are ready before we go live in your organization.

What is the next step?

Our RPA analysts can help you run RPA workshops in your company to see how best we can implement RPA in your company; Reach out to us at or fill out the form for us to contact us;

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