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RPA Case Study Success Story of Bank in the US

Learn how a bank in the United States used Skcript Automation Services to improve efficiency by 3x in under 12 weeks. Read more.

The 3x improved efficiency story

Reducing the transaction processing time by 75% with robotic process automation (RPA)

This bank in the US deployed Skcript's Robotic Process Automation Service with UiPath to automate manual, repetitive and mundane processes. The solution was built to deploy human taskforce into intellectual tasks to improve business performance.

The Challenge

The challenge was to reduce costs, improve efficiency and to deploy human workforce into intellectual tasks.

Delivered Solution

The bank used Skcript's Automation Services together with UiPath to automate over 75% of the manual processes to improve efficiency. Here's how we made it happen.

Step One

After careful analysis of the existing process, Skcript's RPA Consultants mapped the processes into categories of automation. Categories included things like high-impact, business critical, needs human intervention and so on. This helped the RPA engineers to evaluate the best solution that we could use to help the bank automate the identified processes.

The first step was proposed to do a proof of concept (POC) implementation with Skcript and the bank using UiPath to automate its process. Working on the POC, the on-ground people learnt the advantages of using robotic process automation (RPA) to automate their business processes easily. Skcript's experienced consultants also made sure that the bank understands that it is not necessary to always bring in new technologies to solve a business process.

Step Two

During the POC implementation, one of the important business goal was to not just automate the process, but to transform the process, rethink it to be more efficient on the whole. This way, we made sure that we are cutting down even seconds for every iteration we are evaluating to attain maximum automation throughput for the bank.

The challenge was during the keystroke analysis, where we go step-by-step instruction on how each processes are done manually for us to program the bot. Thankfully, our KSA framework helped us do just that very easily.

Step Three

The final step was to deploy the pilot for us to expand into a full-fledged automation for the bank. The POC was a huge success, with initial efficiencies reaching over 60% throughput when compared to the manual process.

Business Gains

After the successful POC, the bank decided to expand the automation footprint to more use-cases that were identified during the PDW. The newly automated process was able to complete the execution in just 12 minutes, which would otherwise take over 4 full hours of manual efforts.

This gave people a clear understanding of the value RPA can add to an organization when the right consultants who can advice you on the right processes to automate are involved. For example, for the bank to generate a report of a bunch of transactions, people had to log in to various platforms, generate a spreadsheet, run a bunch of calculations, generate charts and then produce a report to share via email. This process is now completely automated.

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