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Automating Insurance Claims Process using AI and RPA.

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Using AI + Automation for Insurance Claims

The Challenge

A leading medical and accident insurance company wanted to improve their first notice of loss process to meet the new mandate they were complying with. This could be a very stressful process for anyone involved and make sure the issue is resolved at the earliest with maximum customer satisfaction. Skcript took up this challenge to solve it for the customer without bothering their existing process.

Delivered Solution

When we signed the contract, we knew that it was not a small task for us to do. This required not just automation, but something more than that to make sure the company gets maximum value out of the implementation. To begin with, our engineers started transcribing over 32,000 saves calls from the past to convert them text using our own voice-to-text parsers and analyze these calls to identify the most commonly asked questions by the customers.

Our goal in the initial phase was to know what the customers were asking, how many such queries were repeated by different customers and how many hours were spent by the people to respond to such repetitive queries. Considering the use-case and the sensitivity of the data being processed here, it was important for us to make sure the data and the responses are accurate.

Once we had the text data from the voice calls, Skcript Engineers created a template that allowed us to capture some data from the customer like claim ID. This data would later be used by the bots to process the claim from the backend insurance systems.

Once we completed creating call response templates, we used UiPath's robots to process the claims data, gather more information about the customer asking the query, and even send them critical information via SMS, Email or even a follow-up phone call about their claim status.

Business Gains

Skcript completed the project in a record 6 weeks timeframe, which allowed the client to gain immediate business gains right after the bots and AI went-live. Today, all the calls are transcribed in real-time, data is processed on-premise, bots work to organize claims information and also help customer care people with critical information that would help them get information the caller faster.

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