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What RPA Can Do to Your Business Process

Often organizations wonder what RPA can bring for them, what problems it can solve and how they can optimize business operations. In this article I've covered exactly how RPA can do that!

Building Gmail Addons

Google recently launched these cool addons for Gmail and other Google Business Products. This increases users productivity and also gives these apps an extended arm to be used in a popular tool like …

Deploying React Apps to Firebase Hosting With Github Actions

React Apps with Firebase is one of the hottest combinations among web developers. But it's often a challenge automating the deployment process for this since there is no easy way to do this with any …

Building and Using Custom Entities in Dialogflow

In my previous article about Dialogflow, I’ve covered the basic setup of creating a telegram chatbot with a serverless backend. I have also showcased how we can extract data or information from the …

Deploying React App to Firebase Hosting

This article will help the react developers to host their application in the Firebase hosting. And it’s free!

Building a Serverless Telegram Chatbot with Dialogflow and Firebase Functions

Chatbots are fun and useful. Often we use chatbots to access information quickly and humanely. Building a chatbot is equally fun. In this article, I’ll walk you through the smartest and the easiest …

Indexing Firebase Data in Algolia For Full-Text Search

Building a search module for your Firebase app is super challenging and expensive. This is where Algolia comes for our rescue. This article is focused on helping developers build search in their …

What Processes are Relevant to RPA?

The first and foremost thing we should concede is the problems that RPA solves are quite far from problems that AI solves. They can be combined together for more efficiency but their inputs and …

Factors to evaluate if RPA can be implemented in a business process

Let's walk through the major factors to be considered and analyzed when starting a new RPA project.

Firebase Dev Checklist for your Next Project #StartWithSkcript

In this first of #StartWithSkcript series, we dive into how to start your next project with Firebase. These are some of the steps we follow when we scaffold a project with Firebase. Read on to learn …

Setting up a multi node Hyperledger Fabric network with Docker Swarm

A must read guide about creating a real distributed hyperledger fabric network with docker swarm architecture deployed in multi host infrastructure.

Setting up a Hyperledger Fabric Network with Multiple Chaincodes and Multiple …

When your Blockchain network grows, it will need much more flexibility. With Hyperledger Fabric, this is introduced with multiple chaincodes and multiple channels.

Know Hyperledger Fabric? Then moving to Sawtooth is easy

Hyperledger Fabric and Sawtooth are one of the leading Blockchain frameworks. But what should you choose? Under what scenarios? Learn more here

Top 7 things you should know before developing on Hyperledger Fabric

Learning to develop on Hyperledger Fabric? Read this handy guide first to make sure you dont get lost easily. In short it is Beginners mistakes in Hyperledger Fabric to avoid.

Setting up RESTful API Server for Hyperledger Fabric With NodeJS SDK

Learn how to setup a NodeJS server for your Blockchain network to allow multiple users to interact with the chain easily.

Understanding Hyperledger Composer Query Language

Hyperledger Composer is a very popular Blockchain application development, the popularity is mainly because of it’s ease of use. Learn more.

Lifecycle of Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode Development and Deployment

This article is focused on understanding how Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode development is done and how to easily deploy it whenever you update the chaincode.

Hyperledger Composer NodeJS SDK - Submiting Transactions

In my previous article, I spoke about how to setup the Hyperledger Composer NodeJS SDK with expressJS to build your own RESTFul API for a Composer Business Network. And this article is a continuation …

#AskSkcript: What is Hyperledger Iroha? Explained in simple terms.

Learn more about Hyperledger Iroha, its use-cases and everything else that you would need. #AskSkcript is a initiative to answer questions from people who are trying to understand blockchain or …

Hyperledger Fabric Architecture: Explained in detail

If you’re very new to blockchain and building your first network with Hyperledger fabric, I’d strongly suggest you to read this article so to understand the architecture of the framework and the …

Simple Steps To Run Hyperledger Fabric Composer Network With Multiple …

In my previous article, I wrote about how to run Hyperledger Fabric with multiple peers running in different physical machines. And in this article it’s more towards setting up Hyperledger Fabric with …

5 minute guide to deploying your first application using Firebase Firestore …

A beginner guide to building your first application using Firebase Firestore. Everything you need to know about Firestore. And understanding Collections & Documents on Firestore.

How to build NodeJS application for your Hyperledger Composer networks

This article helps you to build a NodeJS based backend client that can communicate with your hyperledger composer network. We will be using Hyperledger Fabric Composer's Native JS SDK in this article …

Setting up a Blockchain Business Network With Hyperledger Fabric & Composer …

In my previous article, I wrote about how to setup the Hyperledger Fabric Composer Business Network with a basic structure explaining each components of the architecture. This article is focused on …

Getting Started With Hyperledger Composer

This article is for those who are getting started with blockchain and trying to use composer for quick development.

How to structure Firebase database for a scalable chat app

There’s always a new messenger that greets you with every passing day. And now you can also make a messenger of your own with Firebase - learn how to make that messenger right here!

What's React Native's new FlatList?

Are you dealing with a scenario where you want to show a lot of data in a list? You should probably check React Natives new FlatList Component.

Sending push notification with Firebase, Firestore & Cloud Functions

After the launch of Firestore, a lot of people asked me about how to integrate push notifications for Firestore changes and new data additions, and here is the article explaining it.

Here's how to send Slack notifications using Firebase Cloud Functions and …

With the release of FireStore we can now use it with cloud functions to do lots of wonders. Now, we are going to create a simple slack notification system via webhooks. Learn More.

How we improved our React/React Native project’s performance by 250% with just a …

Are you a person handling a huge project based on React/React Native? If yes, this might help you.

Few Hand Picked React Native plugins for your project

Bringing your React Native projects to life is going to much more fun and structured with this curated list of plugins. Learn and build great things!

Build your own Google Assistant Bot for your Firebase project Today

Build a Google Assistant Bot for Firebase application using Actions on Google and Firebase Cloud Functions as Backend.

Building a RESTFul API with Firebase Cloud Functions for your Firebase App

How to build a RESTFul API for your Firebase app with Firebase Cloud Functions in under 30 minutes. Learn more.

Open Source Gantt Chart library for D3.js

We found that D3.js does not have a Gantt library. So we went ahead, created one and open sourced.

Using Firebase Cloud functions for Sending Push Notification To React Native …

Send and recieve push notifications on your iOS or Android devices using Firebase Cloud Functions.

Firebase + React Native (A Quick Start)

How to build a React Native App using Firebase as the backend with very little cost.

Few development tools which every college kid should know before entering into …

Here are some of the most essential tools, a college kid should know about.

Setting up Browserify and React, on Rails

Our Sr. Architect explains how you can integrate Browserify and Rails with React.

Learning computer language

Our Sr. Architect talks about the way you should approach a computer programming language.

Don’t run behind customers, run behind your product

Learn why you should focus on your product rather than your customers first.

Setting up Raspberry Pi Controlled LED in Minutes

A tutorial on how to set up a Raspberry Pi to control LED lights in minutes.

Increase Productivity With Smart Group Commands

Our Sr. Architect open sources the short commands for everyone to use.

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