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Red, Green, Refactor

TDD is tricky and we need to be smart to get the maximum throughput of what TDD offers. TDD, done wrong could waste hours and will not look as effective as we would have thought. This is where the …

The SOLID Object-Oriented Design Principles

The theory of SOLID principles was introduced by Robert C. Martin (a.k.a Uncle Bob) in his 2000 paper Design Principles – and are still relevant to us today. They are five key principles that are used …

Building an Intercom App for Intercom Inbox

At hellonext we recently built an Intercom Integration for recording feedback directly from the Intercom Inbox. It made collecting valuable feedback from potential customers easier without juggling …

Things to remember while using UiPath

We’ve all heard stories about how UiPath automated and improved the performance of various processes that were tedious and inefficient when executed manually. And this article is to help you get the …

Ownership & Borrowing in Rust #RustWorthy Part 3

On my last article, we discussed ownership in Rust. This article is an extension of the previous one which includes how ownership happens with functions and we’ll also look at borrowing.

Ownership in Rust #RustWorthy Part 2

In the second part of the Rust Series, we look at ownership in Rust and how ownership helps Rust to handle memory allocation at runtime. Learn more.

Rust is Simply Awesome #RustWorthy Part 1

In this first article of a series, sathish talks about what he thinks about Rust programming language and what you can do with it.

Dockerize a Rails App with MySQL and Sidekiq

Docker Compose offers a seamless way to build containers and orchestrate their dependencies, and helps lower the learning curve to build Dockerized apps. In this article you will learn how to …

Job Scheduling with Node JS Workers and Bree or Redis and Kue

Since workers are now readily available in LTS versions of Node, we'll learn how to do job scheduling with Bree package. You will also learn how to use Redis along with a Node JS package called Kue …

Configuring Node SDK’s Connection Profile for Multiple Channel - Multiple …

Learn how to setup the connection profile for your Blockchain network to allow interacting with multiple channel - multiple chaincode.

The Ultimate Guide to Consensus in Hyperledger Fabric

The blockchain technology is the talk of the technology town for quite a long time but, what makes it so amazing? It is the consensus of the network that makes it fault-tolerance & reliable. In the …

Dummies Guide to Querying a Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Network with ExpressJS

The frontend of your Blockchain network often rules how the system will work in the real world. Setting up an ExpressJS server for your Blockchain network to query the Ledger is pretty …

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