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The simplest teamwork platform. Ever.

We're on a mission to create the simplest product management tool. Allt is the result of our mission. Today, hundreds of companies are using Allt to manage their team and projects. Tomorrow, it will be millions of companies. And here's one word that we repeatedly hear from all these companies: "Simple." Getting your domain on Allt is free. And the best part, Allt will stay till the end of time.

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Platform to enable open communication at companies.

We built an online platform that promotes open and transparent communication across all levels of the company. We tackle this with 3 simple modules that target 3 major communication holes at the offices.

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Enterprise Storage. Redefined.

Tons of data is being generated in your organization, sometimes even more than what has been generated cumulatively before. Data storage and storing more on devices is going to be more important than ever before. Shrink is what you need.