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Blockchain for Healthcare White Paper

A white paper where industry experts try to explore the opportunities of blockchain technology for the healthcare industry. Learn more.

Every transaction in the industry relies on trust. Trust is the single most important aspect for humankind, and this trust is validated with a authentic identity for each and every entity in any system. This particular aspect of the human behavior makes the blockchain technology valuable today.

Prior to the blockchain, the trust in the system was validated mostly based on certificates or signatures with which the transactions were performed. But the industry has faced humongous loss with such a system in place, where it was easy for anyone for forge or counterfeit any document in any system with less difficulty. This situation, did not allow people to expose certain information and rely on the technology to handle their privacy.

“The blockchain is the new Internet. We believe that the technology would change the way technology enables trust in any system. We think blockchain would be the single best “Chain of Trust” in any transaction.” – Varun Raj

A recently study by Skcript NEXT’s Research Engineers shows that the healthcare industry faces the following pain points:

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