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Skcript and Unherd partner to bring AI mentorship program to high-school girls

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Skcript today announced its partnership with Unherd to mentor high-school girls to learn about artificial intelligence.

Skcript today announced its partnership with Unherd to mentor high-school girls to learn about artificial intelligence. Starting this month, the live mentorship class in artificial intelligence will be open for high-school girls who aspire to be great engineers in the industry.

Skcript’s commitment in helping as many people as possible to write great code continues with the efforts of our CTO, Swaathi Kakarla, along with our Lead Engineer, Nivedhithaa G. This is a part of our ongoing commitment to encourage people to write better code, that would progress the world through technology.

“We dream to leave the world better than we found it. We live that dream by working with technologies that can progress the world for better. We wish to inspire more people to understand the value of writing great code through these programs”, said Karthik Kamalakannan, CEO of Skcript.

Preparing Students for the Workforce

The mentorship program for artificial intelligence gives high school students the critical skills they need to quality for high-demand and high-skill jobs. In the next few months, Skcript and Unherd aims to reach more students across the country to encourage girls to write better code.

“We believe that helping students early-on in their career to write great code will help position themselves better in the industry. Ultimately, wherever they choose to work when they pass out of college, they would be equipped with real world knowledge to make a great decision. This mentorship program helps them do just that.”, said Swaathi Kakarla, talking about the new initiative from both Skcript and Unherd.

Skcript and Education

In 2013, Skcript started as a result of three people who came together from a community. Today, we have touched over 100,000 people in the past seven years to help them write better code and build great products. Skcript is committed to building products creates an impact for its the customers and their users.

About Skcript

Skcript is a global emerging technology company bringing entrepreneurial product building capabilities to enterprises.

About is a platform to help school students, college graduates and professionals make better career decision.

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