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Whether you are building a large application or a single page app, Elixir Phoenix is the future of real-time web applications. Hire us for Elixir projects.

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Skcript's engineers are constantly evolving the investment in building Elixir based products for our customers. You can now hire developers, designers and consultants for Elixir Phoenix web framework for your next big project. Quality is what that counts.

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Why choose Elixir for your next project

You want your product to come alive as soon as possible and build it in a way that would allow you to scale without any major hickups still keeping your cost under control. Sounds very interesting yet fat fetched right? Not anymore. Ever since we started creating products with Elixir, we realized how it can costs, while allowing us to scale the applications exponentially, even everyday.

Imagine serving 200 million requests from an application, with just 5 servers, rather than 200 servers. This is possible with Elixir, which is why the Elixir Phoenix has been growing in popularity over the past few years.

Here are some of the advantages of using Elixir Phoenix web framework to build your next idea into a reality:

  1. Extreme efficiency: Elixir allows us to write the most efficient and functional code, allowing us to keep the product stable and tidy.
  2. Real-time at the center: Elixir Phoenix Live View allows us to build components that are alive almost all the time, so your users wouldn't have to ever refresh their browsers.
  3. Cut server costs: Since Elixir is extremely efficient, translating our code into instructions is super simple, consuming less power and more throughout. This allows us to run an application that runs on a couple of servers to serve millions of users. Just like 2 servers. That's all.
  4. Production ready: Chances are that you have already used a product that was built with Elixir Phoenix. Some of the customers using Phonix framework are listed below.
  5. We are passionate: Ever since we got our hands-on with the first Elixir Phoenix framework for the first time, we fell in love with it. The way it operates and allows us to write good code was something beyond what we expected. We saw how it could help customers like you get value out of the product we are building for you.

Companies using Elixir Phoenix framework in production

Chances are that you have already used products that was built on top of Elixir Phoenix web framework to serve your request. Here are some of the big companies who serve millions of users per minute, who are relying on Elixir Phoenix web framework ↓

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