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The New Skcript Brand

2019 was a great year for Skcript. The company grew globally, and we now have people working across timezones, aligned to one goal -- build great products. Skcript is a forward thinking company. Our tunnel vision is to stand for great products, and we are at the beginning of a whole new era.

Mid this year, the quote "Great work is a scarcity" started making rounds in the office, where people sat down in front of their machine, admiring the way their code or design worked. We realized how important it is to write great code, and keep pushing the boundaries in as many ways as possible to help our clients who trust us to build great technology.

On 7th December 2019, the idea of making Skcript a luxury brand started materializing across the company, and it all kind of started off with this tweet:

On 14th December 2019 07:39 pm GST, our CEO published a 1,122 worded letter to the people of Skcript highlighting the importance of us being a representation of "Greatness at work". Here's the core portion of the entire letter that we received:

"Imagine this, what if we become a representation of good art (code, quality and emerging technologies). What if we become a brand that inspires people to join us. Above all, what if we become a brand that people will listen to with trust and responsibility at its core?"

Today, 19th December 2019, marks the 6th Anniversary of Skcript. We use this occasion to start our journey with the new brand identity, that is bold, strong and beautiful enough for the next few decades.

Starting 2020, we are heading in this direction as a company. We truly believe that people who do great work needs to be celebrated. They are the ones who are creating an impact that are underappreciated in the world.

Our goal does not just stop with our new appearance, messaging or a brand new website. It goes deeper than that. We are rethinking the way we deliver code to our customers, the way we talk to our customers and above all, the way we celebrate great work at our company.

Our new identity

Solid. Bold. Super Bold. Black. Symmetrical.

Our new logo reflects a brand new direction for us. That is bold, new, symmetrical and futuristic.

Our Brand Pattern

Unique. Solid. Bold. New.

The pattern you will now find on our notebooks, pens, socks and other mechandises.

Our Brand Placements.

Solid. Bold. New.

An example of a poster that are being placed across our offices.
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