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Top 3 UiPath Consulting Companies in Dubai and UAE

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Skcript is one of the best UiPath consultants in Dubai that should be your first consideration while considering an UiPath implementation partner.

Finding the best UiPath Implementation Partners are on the rise across the globe. Dubai being the epicenter of robotic process automation (RPA) consultants, finding the best UiPath implementation partner could be difficult.

To make things easy for you, we compiled the list of top 3 UiPath implementation partners in Dubai for your robotic process automation implementation.

Evaluation Criteria

While evaluating the best UiPath Consultants or UiPath implementation partners, the following were the criteria:

  1. The UiPath implementation partner should have a mature process for developing the bots using UiPath Studio;
  2. The UiPath implementation partner should be an expert in the field of robotic process automation with contributions to UiPath on the whole;
  3. The UiPath implementation partner should understand technology, not just hire testing engineers to make sure you get the most optimized UiPath implementation ever;
  4. The UiPath implementation partner should work within the budget to make sure you have the cost under control;


Skcript is perhaps, one of the most trusted UiPath implementations partners in Dubai, UAE. Specializing in delivering the highest quality UiPath implementation solutions to its clients, Skcript strives to provide top-notch UiPath implementations for use-cases like banking automation, contact center automation and so much more.

Since Skcript comes from a custom software development and artificial intelligence background, they bring this expertise to implementing UiPath automation solutions as well, delivering a huge value to their customers at costs that fits within the customers’ budgets.


10xds’s origin starts in Kerala, India, with their presence in Dubai as well. The company has been into RPA for quite sometime, with a handful of happy clients who wanted to implement UiPath automation for their organization.


Accenture is a giant company with testing engineers who were turned into UiPath implementation engineers. Since the company is huge, so are their budgets. They compete with Skcript time and again with large UiPath implementations in Dubai.

If you need help finding or evaluating the best UiPath implementation partners in Dubai, we can help identify them.

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