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Product Manager


Before you apply for this role, let me give you a rapid overview. This role is to manage the product we love, Hellonext.


We help our customers gather feedback, prioritize them, and publish what’s new in the fastest possible way. Come shape the future of customer experience, customer relations, and productivity;

At Skcript, we deeply care about building products that people love. Hellonext is built with precision and do things right attitude, enabling us to gain organic growth from product managers worldwide.

Solving a problem that matters

We’re not solving a small problem, and we’re not working to serve a small industry segment. We’re focusing on almost all the products that need customer feedback. We are helping every product & product manager prioritize feedback, which impacts a whole team of engineers/product makers.

We are not stopping just here. We are building a whole new operating system for the customer experience. This is first of its kind and is huge. It needs to be proper, and we are building that platform for the future.

You would love solving these problems

As a Product Manager, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a fantastic product with real life-changing potential which delights our customers. You will work with people who helped companies like Intel, IBM, Apple, Google, Microsoft. We have built products for single-dreamer startups to governments across the globe.

We are building Hellonext for a global audience. 99% of our customers are outside of India; this is only growing. We are here to do the best work of our lives.

Your role

Up for it?


Skcript is a very generous organization with numerous benefits. You can ping any one of us in the company to check up on this. Join us for the work you would do and the challenge you are about to take.

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